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Welcome to my memory

I take photos to help me remember. Not only to reminisce over when I'm a raisin wishing I wore more sunscreen, but because I've always had a shit memory. 

Over time, I really came to appreciate the power of photography. I adore the way that images can transport observers back to a moment, one that seemed to have faded from memory but which can suddenly be recalled with great clarity. It's the closest I've gotten to teleportation as it allows me remember the smallest details. It's kinda whack. I do wish some images would hold back on that power a little though, because there are some smells I do not want to smell again.


I love portrait photography and the control that you can play with, but for me, candid photography will always have a special spot in my lil heart. It continually reaffirms the beauty of observation, and that's one of the most rewarding things I do.  To me, people and moments are beautiful as they naturally are, no awareness of a pesty camera, no self-consciousness, just being happy in the moment.

if you're interested in collaborating get in contact via instagram (@miekstom), email or the form below, don't be shy, I'm always keen to make new friends <3

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Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia

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